House Rules

Hub House Rules

We want to keep rules and regulations to an absolute minimum so as not to hold you back. We embrace openness, honesty, innovation and sharing. We don’t feel the need to regulate your life any further. There are however a few guidelines that we like to stick to for everyone’s sanity:

1. Noise- please be considerate to other members- think about the volume and if you’re planning a longish conversation of over 5 mins perhaps you could take it to a meeting pod / breakout area, meeting room or corridor

2. Telephone calls- think about the volume and if you’re planning a longish conversation of over 5 mins perhaps you could take it to a meeting pod / breakout area, meeting room or corridor

3. Skype calls- where possible a meeting / breakout area should be used

4. By invitation only, the cuter and better behaved the pet, the more likely it is to be invited.

5. Visitors- please check them in online via our members login or let our onsite know that they’re coming in.

6. Meeting room usage- please be considerate re other members. If a member has booked the room but you haven’t then please try & find another space.

7. Food- where possible please use either our communal kitchens / break out or coffee shop areas to eat rather than sitting at your desk (much better for your mental wellbeing)